How to Fix a Fortnite Crash: Error 0xc00007b or UE4-FortniteGame


0xC00007B errors are caused by Windows maybe not needing access to a required dependency to run an application.

The malfunction is indicative of either a system error, or some other problem with the records of Windows.

With reference Fortnite, and also by what method the system will demonstrate the mistake when you attempt to load on the match, the clear answer is to ensure you have the necessary dependencies properly set up – and – reachable – on your machine.

Whilst this can be quite a difficult process, the underlying simple truth is that it’s a frequent issue for Windows to go through with addiction issues; the solution is to ensure what’s dealing with the


Lead to

As previously mentioned, the 0xC00007B mistake implies your system desires a specific file to run a program, however does not have it.

The malfunction is not specific to Fortnite; it could show for many different software, also will be a Windows mistake.

It Is Going to typically show using all the next article:

The application form was unable to start correctly (0xC00007B). Click OK to close the application.

The largest difficulty of this error in particular is the lack of justification of what actually contribute this to show. Many different problems explain that the file or setting which caused the exclusion, perhaps not this.

To resolve the issue, you’ve got to pinpoint the issue, or work on a number of expected repairs from the expectation that one will solve it.


As mentioned, the mistake includes a myriad of causes. But to get the answer – you ought to make sure you have the suitable dependencies accessible and accessible on your machine.

Within the instance of Fortnite, the likes of DirectX, Unreal Engine,” Visual C++ and.NET are required to ensure the match can operate. Hence, the first port of call will be to create certain that they are installed.

To Do So, you need to Adhere to those steps:

1. Change Fortnite App Settings

The first thing would be quite simple – change its program configurations to be certain that it could operate properly in Windows.

To do this, you need to be able to Track down that the”Binaries” for the game, and it is archived with all the following steps:

Press”Windows” +”R” keys in your keyboard
Sort”explorer” into the package and then press”OK”
Read towards the following: C:\App documents \Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64
Right-click onto”FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe” and select”Properties”
In your tabs on very top of the display screen, choose”Compatibility”
At the base of the window, check”Disable full-screen optimisations”
Check”Run this app as administrator”

After achieving this, consider running the match again. If the error persists (that you probably will), then you will want to succeed with the next ways.

2. “Confirm” Fortnite

In the event the above will not do the job, you’ll need to manually”verify” that the Fortnite installation.

To successfully do it, you’ve got to stock the Epic Games launcher app and also run the verification procedure. If you fail to open the launcher, then you’re want to skip to the next measure.

Navigate to C:\Program data files \Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame (or where your Fortnite game is set up )
Find the Win64\Binaries folder delete it
Click onto your desktop click on the”Epic Games Launcher” icon
When the launcher loads, just click the”Fortnite” tab
On the”kick off” (green) button, then pick the cog
From the listing that appears, select”Confirm”
This can take some moment, but can basically reinstall the Fortnite executables so your overall game will function
following this process completes, restart your system and then take to the game again

The chances are that will not enable the game to perform again Fortnite unlimited V-Bucks. The issue with all the game likely arises in an busted, faulty or incompatible dependency on Windows.

3. Re Install the Overall Game

This really is quite drastic, but for those who possess the endurance to do it should guarantee that the issue is settled.

To do this, then you Will Need to Adhere to the measures:

In Windows 7, then click on”Start” >”Control Panel” >”Add/Remove Programs”
In Windows-10, right-click on the”Start” button select”Apps and Attributes”
In the record, choose”Fortnite” and the”Epic Games Launcher”
un-install both
After the uninstall process completes, restart your system
Download a fresh model of Fortnite in the Epic Games internet site
set it up fresh on your system

This will make certain your personal computer has the ability to learn the numerous files that the overall game requires (IE ensure that the mistake is not with the game itself, preferably Windows).

4. Re-Install Visual C++

The very next thing to do is to re-install the Visual C++ redistributable packs that exist to greatly help Windows run several applications.

V C ++ might be known to a lot of folks, but is clearly rather an important instrument for several apps. Many require it to conduct – off and it can be the circumstance that some of its own files are either corrupted, damaged or maybe perhaps not written correctly.

To Guarantee this is not the Issue, you need to use the following measures to mend this:

In Windows 7, then click onto”begin” >”Control Panel” >”Add / Remove Programs”
In Windows 10, right-click”Start” > select”Programs and Characteristics”

soon after doing so, scroll to the”Visual C++ Redistributable” portion
Take an email of every single variant installed onto your own system (like the”x86/x64″ structure )
un-install all these
re start your PC

After the Un installation process finishes, and also your machine restarts, navigate to the web and look up”Visual C++ redistributable newest downloads”.

Click on the top link that demonstrates (it ought to be”Microsoft”) and also download the numerous V C ++ variants that you simply recorded prior to eliminating them.

Once you’ve set up the several V C ++ libraries , restart your computer and try running this match. In the event the correct worked, the match should work.

5. Reinstall Unreal Engine

After re installing V C ++, you have to take to with Unreal Engine.

Unreal motor could be the tool which compels the Fortnite match, and was designed by Epic Games.

In a few instances, the motor might become corrupted or damaged, resulting in errors like the one you’re encountering.

To resolve this, how you also may reinstall the motor:

Read to”C:/Program Files/Unreal Motor”
Click on”Uninst.exe”
Obey the Actions to re install the motor
after finish, go for the Internet and search for”Unreal Motor Download”
Simply Click the first link and rescue the executable to your system
Run the executable files That Are saved
Try Managing Fortnite again – after setup completes

6. Utilize Dependency Walker

If you are still seeing the mistake, it truly is worth pointing out a tool that many folks will not believe – Dependency Walker.

Dependency Walker reveals which”dependencies” an application uses – and – therefore data files it takes to run.

If your system does not need the ideal document, then it is going to appear as red inside the application.

In case you are able to conduct this method properly, it should determine which files are lost from the system – Letting You re install the Vital packages to Receive it functioning back:

Just click onto your preferred internet search engine and search for”Dependency Walker down load”
You should get a page that highlights”depends.exe”
Out of here, download the version suitable for your system
operate it and decide on exactly the Fortnite executable document (it’s the”FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe” document from Step 1)
Identify some one of these files that might be missing
If you find any data files which it cites, you will need to look online for which package they have been a part of, and also reinstall said bundle

following achieving so, you will need to try the match and if it’s still* doesn’t do the job, it typically suggests you either have a issue using Windows itself – or another catalog / offer.

To resolve the issue now, it really is strongly recommended you search more special support (significantly more than that which could be given in an Internet essay ). Todo it, you should look online at communities including super user or Micro Soft Replies.