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The ideal form of physical exercise is that which you enjoy. There’s not anything worse than becoming on this particular treadmill, and walking incessantly for what generally seems to be a lifetime. Anyway, a treadmill work out is mainly for the decrease body, which means you have to come across another way to perform your upper body. This, subsequently, will simply take more time than you are ready or able to pay off. The answer? Locate a device that will work your whole body. Once bit of fitness equipment that does so quite well could be the rower. Read on to Understand a Manageable device: that the Beny Sports V-fit AR1 Artemis II air rower.

Entire score:

4.5 out of 5 stars

Critical Functions:

Styled right after gym rowers that may cost hundreds more, this piece of gym gear was created with a fully enclosed air immunity machine. Even though it works the entire body, a rower just like the V-fit AR 1 particularly concentrates on the straight back, shoulders and arms. Using a rower also provides cardiovascular advantages. Designed using a powerful aluminum rowing railing, the machine folds for effortless storage. The cushioned seat is very large, comfy, and installed onto a resilient, smooth roller mechanism. Having a gym-style chain aerobic actions, the AR 1 provides liquid movement, but does not need adjustable immunity. The well-balanced 7kg flywheel is created of solid iron. The foot straps are all adjustable top-rated hybrid bike.

Selling price:

About #250.00

Product Description:

Unlike most rowers and fitness equipment

its category, the AR 1 conveys the SGS-GS TUV mark, and it can be a renowned and highly respected impartial and spiritual product certificate from Germany. Services and products thus marked are analyzed and certified to follow a stringent German item safety behave, the terms and conditions of which can be accepted throughout the EU. The AR 1 can support a max user weight of 115kg, and weighs 19.5pounds when fully assembled. It’s an attractive, chip resistant white epoxy powder coating finish. Built with wheels onto front body end caps, the rower isn’t difficult to move and reposition. In addition, it has sit-flat rear frame support caps. The rowing task is single/sculling. The shoulder has been an 25mm bar with higher density foam cushioned grips.

Solution Characteristics:

The egg-shaped tubular steel main frame components quantify 80mm x 40mm and 50mm x 25mm. The oblong rowing railing measures 115mm x 50mm. The assembled rower steps 44cm x 74cm x 212cm. The AR-1 is designed for dwelling usage by Beny Sports, a business which retains around 10 style and design patents, and also whose total product range adheres to strict European safety specifications. Beny Sports’ innovative services and products are sold generally in most Western European countries, the usa, and also South America. Even the AR-1 is seen in department, speciality shops, mail order catalogues, and hypermarkets.


While looking for gym equipment as a entrance level air rower, the Beny Sports lineup appreciates a significant appearance. It delivers a perfect mixture of functionality and affordability for all those budget-minded end users who are only embarking on an exercise programme.